Music and picking your major

I thought this link would help anyone who is interested in music too.

Music and college

I am thinking about majoring in music, but you never know.

Here is another school I found online that offers a degree in music too, this may help a lot if you are close to NY.


I am a total travel junkie and have traveled to many different places in my life.  Traveling to me, is a very good way to get away from the every day grind.  I have traveled to places like Japan, Africa, Germany, and many many more places and more to come.  At the moment, I am taking a break from my travels and taking a few courses that I have obtained by getting some weird scholarships.  I have definitely seen some weird things in my travels, one such thing was a shrunken head.  That was crazy.  I want to see many new and exciting crazy things going forward, but for now, I’ve got to focus on my studies.

Labor Changes…

The labor market changes, the job search technique changes, but what remains the same is the job interview. This is the chance to prove yourself. Above all these, the first 30 seconds of the job interview is extremely important. So, if you really want to stay a notch higher than your counterpart, you better get it right. There are some easy tips that will help you crack the interview and get through the job. There are three things you need to consider, prepare for it, practice for it and then perform what you know.

First impression is important in any job interview and it counts. You always need to maintain eye contact with your interviewer no matter how nervous you feel. You must remember you need to sell yourself first before you can sell anything in just 30 seconds. The first 30 seconds is the time when the interviewer makes decision about you, so use it wisely. The next thing is to be ready with your CV and the job advertisement. Make sure you do your research work properly before turning up for the interview. Try to get as much information as you can about the company and your job profile. You might even be asked about the salary which you are expecting, so be prepared for that. Lastly, be positive, don’t waffle and maintain a good body language. This is true even if you are going to no job interviews such as those for consolidation loans for people with bad credit. The same rules will apply.

Listening and Learning

I am thinking about going to school. I am thinking about 3 different majors.

1. Theatre: Some cool stuff on theatre in college. Ithaca college has a good program. I am not going there, but I heard that they have a good program with some very good performers coming out of it.

2. Cooking. Yea I know, don’t laugh. I have been thinking about different colleges that I can go to that would have this major. The Culinary Institute of America seems to have a very good program for this. Although, I am not trying become a nationally known chef. I think it would be nice to be able to know how to cook real well. I have always wanted to own my own restaraunt.

Cook vid.

I also found a list of schools that teach classes in cooking. This may help some who are reading this blog. The thing is, I am not too sure that all of the school take the FASFA though. I think you would need to contact the one that interests you the most.

I was looking into no essay scholarships but I am not sure that many schools award scholarships for writing. I did find a scholarship list online, but again, I think I would need to talk to a few more people who actually attend the college I pick before I apply anywhere else.

I am really hoping to get a full ride scholarship


So glad

We are so glad to be able to be sure. We have some very cool stuff coming soon.