Music and picking your major

I thought this link would help anyone who is interested in music too.

Music and college

I am thinking about majoring in music, but you never know.

Here is another school I found online that offers a degree in music too, this may help a lot if you are close to NY.

Listening and Learning

I am thinking about going to school. I am thinking about 3 different majors.

1. Theatre: Some cool stuff on theatre in college. Ithaca college has a good program. I am not going there, but I heard that they have a good program with some very good performers coming out of it.

2. Cooking. Yea I know, don’t laugh. I have been thinking about different colleges that I can go to that would have this major. The Culinary Institute of America seems to have a very good program for this. Although, I am not trying become a nationally known chef. I think it would be nice to be able to know how to cook real well. I have always wanted to own my own restaraunt.

Cook vid.

I also found a list of schools that teach classes in cooking. This may help some who are reading this blog. The thing is, I am not too sure that all of the school take the FASFA though. I think you would need to contact the one that interests you the most.

I was looking into no essay scholarships but I am not sure that many schools award scholarships for writing. I did find a scholarship list online, but again, I think I would need to talk to a few more people who actually attend the college I pick before I apply anywhere else.

I am really hoping to get a full ride scholarship


So glad

We are so glad to be able to be sure. We have some very cool stuff coming soon.