Music and picking your major

I thought this link would help anyone who is interested in music too.

Music and college

I am thinking about majoring in music, but you never know.

Here is another school I found online that offers a degree in music too, this may help a lot if you are close to NY.

New Ring

Well, I received a new ring for a gift from a friend.  When she told me about it, I was just imagining what it could look like, I imagined the size, the shape, everything.  I was wondering if it were gold, silver, platinum.  I thought, “Did it have the comfort band?”  All of these questions came to my mind.  To my surprise, it wasn’t any of those.  She made it at her teds woodworking review class, yes, it was made out of wood.  You wouldn’t think that you could have a ring made out of wood, but I’m telling you, it’s the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen.

Sorry, We Had a Hiccup!

I am sorry, we were away from the web for a small amount of time. We promise we will get back to blogging this week.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

In the mean time, here are our fashion statements for this year!



Pop corn has to be one of the best easy and quick snacks there is. I make some every week at my consolidation loans for bad credit meetings.  The great thing about pop corn is that you can eat quite a bit and there isn’t any fat and very little calories. You can also buy these new flavors at the store to sprinkle on the pop corn. I went to the store last week and saw all kinds of flavors, ranch, buffalo, butter, cheese, check it out, you may like it.


So now when you have a food item that you need to return at the local store, you cannot just return it for a refund or you cannot return it for a store credit either. We went shopping the other day and they were out of our normal coffee so we decided to try the store brand. We got it home and were not too impressed. We attempted to return it to get money back to go to another store that had our normal coffee brand and we were not able to. They said, due to people taking advantage of food stamps, they try to return food for cash or credit. There are free things they could take more advantage of that are legal, such as free money for college, or they could get coupons and save.  So, we had to get another food item. It’s funny how when you’re put on the spot, it’s hard to think of something to buy.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper really does the trick when it comes to meals. You never realize how something so simple, has a big impact on your taste. Let say you make a chicken dinner, or maybe some rice, or even a vegetable, whatever the side dish is, it is always made better with a little salt and pepper. And, have you ever noticed that one with out the other just isn’t the same. Funny how things work like that, but just adding such a simple ingredient can really turn a normal dish into a masterpiece.

Now it would be nice to spice up the best term life insurance companies commercials to make them a little less boring.


Butterflies are the most beautiful creature I think. They are so very peaceful to look at and they just seem to always be happy, fluttering in the sky, around the flowers, around the trees. They fly in such a graceful way. You just get lost in the moment, when you watch them for any length of time. Here are some videos I liked when I came across them today.

Thought this was cool

Wacky scholarships did a show on butterflies, it was fantastic!

Half Price

There are many places you can go if you would like to watch a movie for more than half of the price of regular movie theaters and what they charge. I have a girlfriend at work who knows the discounts on everything from clothing to movies, you name it, she knows where to find it. So, she told me about this place in town where you can watch a movie and eat dinner. I couldn’t believe it. And, they were playing new movies. That was really hard to believe. So, I thought it would cost an arm and a leg, and to my surprise, it was about 1/3 to ½ less than a regular movie in the theater. You have to go between 3-5 but, you can go that time during a weekend, so you won’t miss it if you work during the week. Leave your anatomy and physiology study guide, or your lawyer briefcase, or whatever it is that you do.  You can’t beat that, you get to eat a good meal and watch a movie. I will be trying that soon.


I finally made my first pie the other day, and it was very delicious. I think it was called a dutch apple pie. I think it’s called that because of the crumbles on top. I’m not sure, here is a video on it speaking about it more. So, I didn’t make my own pie crust, but I’m sure you could if you wanted to. Everything else I did on my own. I purchased the marie calendars pie crust. Then, you take butter and mix it with some flour and some sugar to make the crumbly topping. Cut the apples, mix it with cinnamon and sugar. You then take the apple mixture and pour it into the crust. Once that is done, you put the crumbles on top and bake on about 375 for about 25 minutes or until the top is brown. It is delicious on it’s own or served with ice cream.

This pie will take the frown off of any face, even if you have bad credit consolidation loans, you will forget whatever is ailing you.


If you like desserts but don’t like the calories or fat it adds to your body, this might just be for you. My boyfriend and I were shopping one day and could not resist, we were tired from our left handed scholarships search, and we wanted something sweet to have with dinner over the weekend. We normally shy away from any sugar or fat but just decided to treat ourselves. So, without looking at any of the fat or caloric content, we decided on a Reece’s dessert bar. Man, it looked mouth watering on the package. So, we bought it for the yummy factor. We took it home and it seemed easy enough to make, just a bit of stirring and mixing and just a little baking, not much work. Once the bar part is baked, you just spread the peanut butter and chocolate filling on it and stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to cool enough to cut. Then enjoy. The great part? Well, after eating the entire thing, we checked out the fat content, to our surprise, it was only 1.5 grams per bar. Not bad at all, we will be getting it again.


I haven’t played checkers in a very long time, probably since I was about 10, sad to say.  The other day, we went shopping with our 6 year old, then we went out to eat breakfast at a well known restaurant.  That restaurant had checkers on all of the tables.  So, she wanted to play.  It was just like riding a bike.  Much easier than when I was studying for a credit debt class.  I thought maybe I had forgotten how to play but to my surprise, I did fairly well.  Of course, her being 6, I let her win.  She was so excited and had us play about 20 times.  We were out there so long that they actually allowed us to order our meal and eat outside.  It was a fun day passing along a game well known.