Music and picking your major

I thought this link would help anyone who is interested in music too.

Music and college

I am thinking about majoring in music, but you never know.

Here is another school I found online that offers a degree in music too, this may help a lot if you are close to NY.

Apple Pie. My oh My

We were finally done with dinner when our youngest asked, “What is for dessert?” We just got finished with a lesson about birds. Well, we didn’t really have anything as we typically just have one dessert per week. We had already eaten our dessert earlier on in the week. We had a no bake Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Bars. It was very good. So, what did we do? I pulled everything we had out of our cupboards and made an apple pie! It’s so nice to be able to know how to cook and bake.

It comes in handy in those times when you don’t have any store bought desserts and you have a sweet tooth. It helps that I had a grandmother who helped teach me these things. It’s nice to be able to pass it down. Much better than trying to get consolidation loans for many who people have bad credit . If I thought I could hear better, I would never have though about looking into that tinnitus miracle review stuff

Hiking Out There

I think we are going to go hiking this next, I cannot wait. I think it will be sooo fun!

We were thinking of asking a few of the real estate agents in Tulsa Oklahoma to help us find a few of the nice places to hike around the area too.

Coffee and Donuts Anyone?

You have to really be careful when it comes to the strength of coffee you use. Oh my goodness. We went shopping this last weekend and we bought a new coffee. It seemed like it would be good so we bought a big tub of it. Big mistake. We are having to bring it back now as it seemed to have us completely anxious from the strength of coffee that’s in it.

Butterflies Inside.

Butterflies are so serene and beautiful. I would like to have a butterfly garden someday when I am a homeowner.

We went to a nature park a few months ago and one of the attractions they have was a butterfly garden, not just an ordinary little one, but a huge area with a waterfall and all. They even had movies on butterflies and showed a display of the progression of a butterfly, it was quite interesting. The only bad part of being a butterfly that I found out is that they only live for about 2 weeks.

Something I saw earlier:

Any Concern?

If there was anything that I worried about, it was this. There are also other things that people worry about. But I have heard that over 80 percent of things that people are concerned about will never be an issue because the minds likes to wonder and create problems when there are none.

But, when I worry I like to listen to music.

This does help relax me quite a bit. You would that this help would those who are concerned about getting loans for unsecured consolidation while they are in debt and have bad credit.

You can see this here:

The Last Time.

There have been many times that I have thought about going to snow skiing again. What do you think?

I think it would be a lot easier than worrying about no essay scholarships this next semester!! LOL Anyway, I am traveling to Brazil in the next few month and so I cannot wait until it is warm again. bRRRRR!!

New Ring

Well, I received a new ring for a gift from a friend.  When she told me about it, I was just imagining what it could look like, I imagined the size, the shape, everything.  I was wondering if it were gold, silver, platinum.  I thought, “Did it have the comfort band?”  All of these questions came to my mind.  To my surprise, it wasn’t any of those.  She made it at her teds woodworking review class, yes, it was made out of wood.  You wouldn’t think that you could have a ring made out of wood, but I’m telling you, it’s the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen.

Sorry, We Had a Hiccup!

I am sorry, we were away from the web for a small amount of time. We promise we will get back to blogging this week.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

In the mean time, here are our fashion statements for this year!



Pop corn has to be one of the best easy and quick snacks there is. I make some every week at my consolidation loans for bad credit meetings.  The great thing about pop corn is that you can eat quite a bit and there isn’t any fat and very little calories. You can also buy these new flavors at the store to sprinkle on the pop corn. I went to the store last week and saw all kinds of flavors, ranch, buffalo, butter, cheese, check it out, you may like it.


So now when you have a food item that you need to return at the local store, you cannot just return it for a refund or you cannot return it for a store credit either. We went shopping the other day and they were out of our normal coffee so we decided to try the store brand. We got it home and were not too impressed. We attempted to return it to get money back to go to another store that had our normal coffee brand and we were not able to. They said, due to people taking advantage of food stamps, they try to return food for cash or credit. There are free things they could take more advantage of that are legal, such as free money for college, or they could get coupons and save.  So, we had to get another food item. It’s funny how when you’re put on the spot, it’s hard to think of something to buy.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper really does the trick when it comes to meals. You never realize how something so simple, has a big impact on your taste. Let say you make a chicken dinner, or maybe some rice, or even a vegetable, whatever the side dish is, it is always made better with a little salt and pepper. And, have you ever noticed that one with out the other just isn’t the same. Funny how things work like that, but just adding such a simple ingredient can really turn a normal dish into a masterpiece.

Now it would be nice to spice up the best term life insurance companies commercials to make them a little less boring.


Butterflies are the most beautiful creature I think. They are so very peaceful to look at and they just seem to always be happy, fluttering in the sky, around the flowers, around the trees. They fly in such a graceful way. You just get lost in the moment, when you watch them for any length of time. Here are some videos I liked when I came across them today.

Thought this was cool

Wacky scholarships did a show on butterflies, it was fantastic!

Half Price

There are many places you can go if you would like to watch a movie for more than half of the price of regular movie theaters and what they charge. I have a girlfriend at work who knows the discounts on everything from clothing to movies, you name it, she knows where to find it. So, she told me about this place in town where you can watch a movie and eat dinner. I couldn’t believe it. And, they were playing new movies. That was really hard to believe. So, I thought it would cost an arm and a leg, and to my surprise, it was about 1/3 to ½ less than a regular movie in the theater. You have to go between 3-5 but, you can go that time during a weekend, so you won’t miss it if you work during the week. Leave your anatomy and physiology study guide, or your lawyer briefcase, or whatever it is that you do.  You can’t beat that, you get to eat a good meal and watch a movie. I will be trying that soon.


I finally made my first pie the other day, and it was very delicious. I think it was called a dutch apple pie. I think it’s called that because of the crumbles on top. I’m not sure, here is a video on it speaking about it more. So, I didn’t make my own pie crust, but I’m sure you could if you wanted to. Everything else I did on my own. I purchased the marie calendars pie crust. Then, you take butter and mix it with some flour and some sugar to make the crumbly topping. Cut the apples, mix it with cinnamon and sugar. You then take the apple mixture and pour it into the crust. Once that is done, you put the crumbles on top and bake on about 375 for about 25 minutes or until the top is brown. It is delicious on it’s own or served with ice cream.

This pie will take the frown off of any face, even if you have bad credit consolidation loans, you will forget whatever is ailing you.


If you like desserts but don’t like the calories or fat it adds to your body, this might just be for you. My boyfriend and I were shopping one day and could not resist, we were tired from our left handed scholarships search, and we wanted something sweet to have with dinner over the weekend. We normally shy away from any sugar or fat but just decided to treat ourselves. So, without looking at any of the fat or caloric content, we decided on a Reece’s dessert bar. Man, it looked mouth watering on the package. So, we bought it for the yummy factor. We took it home and it seemed easy enough to make, just a bit of stirring and mixing and just a little baking, not much work. Once the bar part is baked, you just spread the peanut butter and chocolate filling on it and stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to cool enough to cut. Then enjoy. The great part? Well, after eating the entire thing, we checked out the fat content, to our surprise, it was only 1.5 grams per bar. Not bad at all, we will be getting it again.


I haven’t played checkers in a very long time, probably since I was about 10, sad to say.  The other day, we went shopping with our 6 year old, then we went out to eat breakfast at a well known restaurant.  That restaurant had checkers on all of the tables.  So, she wanted to play.  It was just like riding a bike.  Much easier than when I was studying for a credit debt class.  I thought maybe I had forgotten how to play but to my surprise, I did fairly well.  Of course, her being 6, I let her win.  She was so excited and had us play about 20 times.  We were out there so long that they actually allowed us to order our meal and eat outside.  It was a fun day passing along a game well known.

Money For College

I am so very glad that there are scholarships for college students out there today.  When I was growing up, most parents of my friends were tucking away money for their kids to go to college, meanwhile, my mother always told us that she’s not paying for anything and that if we wanted to go to college, we either needed to pay for it ourselves or get a scholarship.  Scholarships were few and far between at that time and very difficult to get.  So, I decided to go into the military which I was very grateful about.  I’m glad there are so many options for the kids now that gives them options and keeps them out of debt also.


I’m really going to attempt to make a fresh strawberry pie again.  The last time I attempted it, was last Thanksgiving and I tried it about 4 times, I followed all of the directions and it still turned out bad.  I am hoping this is just as easy as easy scholarships to apply for, although, I’m not really sure if that’s easy.  I’m not sure what I did wrong with the recipe, I tried two different recipes, followed it to the “T” and it seemed like the pie tasted fake and didn’t hold the jello hard enough.  Maybe for Thanksgiving this year, I’ll try a peach pie, that might work better.  We shall see, wish me luck.


We love to cook in our house, just as much as we like to help people with debt consolidation loans for bad credit.  Thankfully the latter cannot make you gain weight and we find such pleasure in helping others.  I’m still searching for some good meals that I can cook that won’t taste fake, or burn, or taste hard upon cooking but be healthy for you at the same time.  I have found some recipes for dinners and things, but I’m more interested in finding desserts and stuff that won’t taste fake when adding the alternative sugars.  Still on my search but here are a few things I’ve found.

Real or Not

A friend of mine sent me an email this morning showing some wacky scholarships out there.  She’s not in the market to get one but just happened upon some sites and wanted to share.  There are definitely some wacky ones out there.  They even have scholarships for left handed people.  My goodness, I guess it’s nice to see that so many people, no matter what can get the help they really need to go back to school.  I’m just not sure if they are really real.


Thanks to my easy scholarships, I now have a great job and am traveling!  Just this past month, I went to Kobe Japan!  What a beautiful place!  The mountains were incredible, we rode through them on a moped.  The hospitality is indescribable.  Everyone is always greeting you with a smile and some food.  Definitely one of my favorite places so far.  I love Japanese food, noodle dishes are probably one of my favorites.  Here are some videos showing the area:

and some of the food, yummmm

I think my next trip will be to Italy, this sure was great fun though!


I absolutely love to draw, which is why I’m very excited that I am able to participate in a drawing entry to win easy scholarships.  I like to draw horses, and rainbows and just about anything.  I started drawing just like anyone else with the good ol stick figures.  From there, I remember learning a lot in Art with shading and such.  My daughter is a great artist as well.  I’m hoping to keep up on my skills and possibly sell some of my drawings.


I like this one.

This one is another good drawing.


School Project

I’m surfing the net looking for something to write about for my sons project for school, here’s what I came across, which should we pick?

or maybe use this one?

or possibly this one?

decision decisions…I thought they were supposed to do their own work. It sometimes feels like we’re in school again helping our children.

So now that I am finally going back to school again after getting scholarships for women over 40, I am well on my way!  During my studies, I like to listen to Classical music.  It always seems to put me at peace and allows my creative side to flow.  Without the music, I can’t seem to keep my head quiet, lol, I find myself thinking about everything but my studies.  Here are some of the ones I liked the most that can be played for awhile.

and this one also :)


I am a total travel junkie and have traveled to many different places in my life.  Traveling to me, is a very good way to get away from the every day grind.  I have traveled to places like Japan, Africa, Germany, and many many more places and more to come.  At the moment, I am taking a break from my travels and taking a few courses that I have obtained by getting some weird scholarships.  I have definitely seen some weird things in my travels, one such thing was a shrunken head.  That was crazy.  I want to see many new and exciting crazy things going forward, but for now, I’ve got to focus on my studies.

Labor Changes…

The labor market changes, the job search technique changes, but what remains the same is the job interview. This is the chance to prove yourself. Above all these, the first 30 seconds of the job interview is extremely important. So, if you really want to stay a notch higher than your counterpart, you better get it right. There are some easy tips that will help you crack the interview and get through the job. There are three things you need to consider, prepare for it, practice for it and then perform what you know.

First impression is important in any job interview and it counts. You always need to maintain eye contact with your interviewer no matter how nervous you feel. You must remember you need to sell yourself first before you can sell anything in just 30 seconds. The first 30 seconds is the time when the interviewer makes decision about you, so use it wisely. The next thing is to be ready with your CV and the job advertisement. Make sure you do your research work properly before turning up for the interview. Try to get as much information as you can about the company and your job profile. You might even be asked about the salary which you are expecting, so be prepared for that. Lastly, be positive, don’t waffle and maintain a good body language. This is true even if you are going to no job interviews such as those for consolidation loans for people with bad credit. The same rules will apply.

Listening and Learning

I am thinking about going to school. I am thinking about 3 different majors.

1. Theatre: Some cool stuff on theatre in college. Ithaca college has a good program. I am not going there, but I heard that they have a good program with some very good performers coming out of it.

2. Cooking. Yea I know, don’t laugh. I have been thinking about different colleges that I can go to that would have this major. The Culinary Institute of America seems to have a very good program for this. Although, I am not trying become a nationally known chef. I think it would be nice to be able to know how to cook real well. I have always wanted to own my own restaraunt.

Cook vid.

I also found a list of schools that teach classes in cooking. This may help some who are reading this blog. The thing is, I am not too sure that all of the school take the FASFA though. I think you would need to contact the one that interests you the most.

I was looking into no essay scholarships but I am not sure that many schools award scholarships for writing. I did find a scholarship list online, but again, I think I would need to talk to a few more people who actually attend the college I pick before I apply anywhere else.

I am really hoping to get a full ride scholarship


So glad

We are so glad to be able to be sure. We have some very cool stuff coming soon.